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Are you embarking on or considering embarking on a new business project? Nurses are so well placed to create small businesses either on the side or with a view to building over time to replace your main source of income.

We can offer you bespoke guidance on coming up with an concept, putting a plan together and acheiving liftoff with your own business. Having run 2 successful businesses side by side for 11 and 7 years respectively, we have experienced the pitfalls, acheived the highs and overcome the various obstacles that we never even knew existed at the outset. We made the mistakes so that you don’t have to!

Starting with a kick off call to get things moving, we will send you weekly tasks built around getting your business up and running. You will also have a fortnightly check in session to ensure you are staying on track. This 3 month programme will see you well on your way to starting something incredible.