Module 5 – Part 2: Can you see the future?

Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

This is where you think little into the future, how you this project developing and where it will leave you financially. This will allow for any last minute tweaking – as always this should be something you revisit on a repeated basis.

How to get the most out of the training

Watch the video, read through the worksheet and then set some time aside for the implementation of this. As always, everything needs to go down in black and white to avoid repetition of work. Ensure your notes make sense and are legible.

What you actually need to do:

Review the work you have already done around equipment, training, insurance, branding and websites. Try to include a reasonable figure to cover these costs and decipher whether they are ‘one off’ or recurring. Set these against your LOW predictions of oncome but also add that to your ‘regular’ job income. Remember it is really normal not to make any income for at least one year.

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